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Vietnam International Trade Fair for Apparel, Textiles and Textile Technologies (VIATT) is a one-stop sourcing platform for all textile industry needs. 

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Vietnam is the third largest textile and apparel exporter, and one of the highest importers of textile machinery in the world. The country’s textile and garment industry achieved staggering annual growth of 20 – 26% from 2018 – 2022, and high-quality textile materials are increasingly sought-after for production.

As its strategically located economic hub, Ho Chi Minh City commands 35% of Vietnam’s foreign direct investment projects, and is home to the country’s largest seaport and international airport. Its proximity to other textile manufacturing regions makes it a prime venue for connecting with industry decision-makers. Showcase your products at VIATT 2025, and win new business in Southeast Asia’s textile capital. 

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“We've seen a lot of the production volume migrating to Vietnam, several companies are now establishing or growing their presence here in Vietnam, and we're very excited to support that growth. We are investing significantly to expand our facility and ensure that we have the right capacity to fulfil the future demand. At VIATT, we've seen tremendous traffic at our booth. There is a mix between local and foreign visitors, and international companies and domestic entities.”

“We are looking for new contacts in Vietnam, as we have made contacts in more or less the whole Asian market, but Vietnam is a new market for us. I have to say the first day was a very good start. We met some good contacts from countries outside Vietnam, from the Far East, and even from Europe. We have also arranged some meetings with Vietnamese customers. Through this fair we have a good start in this market.”

“We are the only global manufacturer of polyacrylate in fibre form. We sell a lot of superabsorbent fibre to sectors such as food packaging; converters that supply yarn for wrapping around underwater cables beneath the sheath; filtration, primarily for polishing of fuels; and medical. The Vietnam market is growing at a phenomenal rate, many businesses are setting up here with a need for superabsorbent technology.”

“We are a 100%-for-export sourcing company and garment manufacturer, especially outerwear and jackets. Our company is headquartered in Belgium, and our market is mostly in Europe, towards the high end. We have just arrived, but we have visited a few booths and are seeing what we like. We are looking for all kinds of fabrics and textiles, including wool, polyester, nylon, and of course sustainable materials.”

“As a trading company, we specialise in silk and yarn for furniture, bedding, fabric, and curtain frames. Most of our products are exported from Vietnam to international markets such as America and Europe. At this fair, I've found a lot of interesting products, such as Hometech-style blankets and their production machines. We've also discovered some potential silk suppliers.”

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